Newsroom – SBA Stone Forest Corporate Advisory and CPA

October 10, 2016
China Briefing 2016 Highlights Key Regulatory Updates and Effective Risk Management Approach

Businesses that stay on top of China’s economic reforms and have an effective approach to risk management would be in a much better position to seize business opportunities in the world’s second largest economy.

September 19, 2016
Businesses Learn How to Discover Opportunities and Succeed in China

China Briefing 2016 gave participants an in-depth look at how to discover business opportunities in China as well as explored the factors required for success. The seminar also discussed how businesses can transform risk management from a paper exercise into an effective management tool through a well-defined risk management organisation structure.

August 08, 2016
SBA Stone Forest Joins Allinial Global Association

SBA Stone Forest has joined Allinial Global, an association of legally independent accounting and consulting firms, giving us access to a broad array of global resources to help our clients.

March 28, 2016
SBA Stone Forest Highlights Common Challenges Faced by Businesses Entering China to Owners and Entrepreneurs

Director Tan Lee Lee joined speakers from IE Singapore and Rodyk & Davidson to share important aspects of doing business in China that will help eliminate confusion, overcome inertia and build business momentum quickly.

January 19, 2016
Lim Lee Meng Appointed Economic and Trade Advisor to Jiangsu’s Commerce Department

Lim Lee Meng, China Practice Advisor of RSM in Singapore, the CPA arm of Stone Forest, has been appointed as Economic and Trade Advisor to the Department of Commerce of China’s Jiangsu province.