Going to America: IP Legal & Tax Considerations


As the world’s largest economy, the United States is still the land of opportunities: an innovative and productive workforce, excellent infrastructure, appropriate legal protection and a predictable regulatory environment.

If you are considering entry into the US market or already operating there, two key components of a company’s business plan are its IP strategy and its tax strategy. With the recent changes in the US, is your organisation equipped with the latest information to ensure the most effective IP and tax strategies? Join us for an informative session with Dr Li Kening from Duane Morris & Selvam and Mr Robin Park from Squar Milner where we will touch on:

  • Legal and tax considerations for IP management
  • Global expansion: tax considerations after the recent US tax reforms

作为世界第一大经济体,美国为海外投资者提供了众多机会--创新以及高效的生产力,绝佳的基础设施,全面的法律保护以及可预期的市场环境。无论是正在考虑进入美国市场还是已经在美国设立企业,有两个不可忽略的考虑因素:知识产权策略和税务策略。特别是在最近的美国税改以及中美贸易摩擦之后,您是否充分了解这些事件的影响?本次活动特别邀请了美国德茂欣律所的李克宁博士和Squar Milner会计师事务所的合伙人Robin Park先生为我们分享以下话题:

  • 知识产权管理的法律及税务考量
  • 美国税改之后的税务考量

Venue  场地:
5th Floor, Yangtze Center, No. 2111 Yan'an Road (West), Shanghai

Date  日期:
26 April 2018 (Thursday)   2018年4月26日

Time  时间:
9:30am - 11:45am

Organisers 组织者:
SBA Stone Forest and Duane Morris & Selvam  中瀚石林企业咨询(上海)有限公司和德茂欣律师

Fee  费用:
Complimentary   免费

Agenda  日程安排:

9:30am – 10:00am Registration 听众登记
 10:00am – 10:40am Chinese session: IP Protection and Other Legal Considerations
by Dr Li Kening, Partner & Head of IP Practice, China, Duane Morris & Selvam
by 李克宁博士,合伙人 & 中国知识产权业务组主管, 德茂欣律师事务所
 10:40am – 11:30am English session: IP Tax Strategies and the Impact of the Recent US Tax Reform
by Mr Robin Park, Partner, International Tax Group, Squar Milner
by Robin Park, 合伙人,国际税务服务, Squar Milner
11:30am – 11:45am Q&A, End of Event 问答,活动结束

Outline  演讲大纲:

IP Protection and Other Legal Considerations
by Dr Li Kening

1. Basics of IP Protection
• Protecting your IP in the US and China
• Dealing with others’ IP
• Dealing with disputes

2. Other Legal Issues When Investing in the US: a Quick Overview
• Local laws and regulations: immigration, employment, environment, EEOC

by 李克宁

1. 知识产权保护的基础
• 中美知识产权保护
• 如何处理他人的知识产权
• 争端解决

2. 美国投资的法律问题一览
• 外资投资委员会
• 反海外腐败法
• 美国法律法规:移民,雇佣,环境,平等就业机会等
• 海外资产控制办公室

IP Tax Strategies and the Impact of the Recent US Tax Reform
by Mr Robin Park

1. Tax Strategies for Exploiting IP Economic Rights
• Bifurcating economic rights by geographical regions (e.g., EMEA, Americas, Asia-Pacific)
• Formation of an IP holding company ideally in a low-tax jurisdiction or where a Patent Box regime is available (e.g., Singapore, Malta, Ireland)
• Use of China or US as a captive or contract R&D service provider

2. Going to America
• China companies may want to expand their presence in the US given recent tax reforms that reduce corporate income tax rates to 21%.
• China companies may have more incentive now to establish regional HQ functions in the US and develop their own marketing intangibles and customer relationships due to a lower corporate income tax rate.
• China companies may not have to contend with certain new US tax reform provisions such as the Global Intangible Low-taxed Income (“GILTI”) and the Base Erosion and Anti-abuse Tax (“BEAT”).

by Robin Park

1. 利用知识产权经济权力的税收策略
• 按地理区域划分经济权利(比如,欧洲,中东,非洲,美洲,亚洲太平洋)
• 形成知识产权控股公司处于低税收或有知识产权专利的地区(比如新加坡,马耳他,爱尔兰)
• 使用中国或美国作为专属或契约研发提供商

2. 去美国投资的税务考量
• 企业所得税降低
• 设立区域总部
• 全球无形资产低税收入(GILTI) &税基侵蚀与反滥用税(BEAT)

Speakers  主讲人:

Li Kening, Ph.D.  李克宁博士
Partner & Head of IP Practice, China  合伙人 & 中国知识产权业务组主管
Duane Morris & Selvam LLP  德茂欣律师事务所

Dr Li Kening practises in the area of intellectual property law and provides clients, both in and out of China with all aspects of IP legal services. He helps clients in China with their legal needs internationally, with a focus on the US. Dr Li also advises international clients on other areas of law regarding China’s legal and regulatory environment.



Robin Park
Partner, International Tax Group   合伙人,国际税务服务
Squar Milner

Robin spent his entire fourteen-year career practising international tax with both global and Big Four firms. His experience includes advising clients on all areas of international tax, and providing inbound and outbound tax advisory services for publicly traded companies, privately held companies, private equity groups, and high net worth individuals.


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